Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Too much of the tipple?

A worrying event, recently, even in my own grappa-addled existence. While idly flicking through the pages of the latest Champions League magazine while trying to feed my daughter her porridge, I spotted an intriguing letter. "Good on that man!" I thought to myself as I read it. Essentially, it sang the praises of Milan's achievements in comparison to the three English sides to reach the semi-finals. What a laudable world view, I thought.

So, imagine my surprise when I got the end of the letter and saw my own name. Yes, apparently I sent it in "via email" but I have absolutely no memory of writing it - let alone sending it to Champions magazine. Spooky or what? The only options are 1) There is another person with my name who thinks exactly the same as I do. 2) I sent it in but was so drunk/stupid I forgot all about it. 3) Somebody aped my views and used my name as a nom-de-prune!

Whatever the explanation, it has sent me scurrying for another drink.


martinobhoy said...

You sent it during that hour or two that go "missing" during a grappa session.

I'd like to think I'd done something as interesting and as constructive during one of my many missing hours but I doubt it.

ginkers said...

I think your contribution to singing old Irish rebel songs is recognised around the world!

martinobhoy said...

The Boys of the Old Grappa Brigade is one of my favourites...

martinobhoy said...

Where are the lads who drank with me,

When grappa flowed so free,

In Dumfries, I long to see,

To see the boys of the Giovedi.

Spangly Princess said...

hahah brilliant