Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is there anything wrong?

I have been wondering this for a while but never got round to blogging about it. It has been prompted by my wife's great love of white wine and the number of bottles we have been consuming of late. It has caused me to ponder - is there any difference between a cork and a screwtop?

There was a time when the screwtop was the sign of a truly awful vino - maybe a Liebfraumilch or a dodgy Valpolicella. But now nearly everything comes with the easy access option. I am no wine expert but I am intrigued as to whether using a cork makes any difference to the quality. Or is it just pure snobbery?

I wonder if it could be extended to grappa too. Although I like the reassuring "pop" of a cork stopper. There is something almost scientific about opening a bottle. You feel like you should pour it into a test tube and watch the fumes fly...


martinobhoy said...

A wee bit of internet research today (when I should probably have been working) seems to suggest that as long as the screw top or cork is of a high quality then there should be no difference. The moves to screw tops largely came about due to the shortage of high quality cork.

However because the screw top is a relatively recent development it is difficult to say if it can be as effective as cork when a wine is aged over a number of years before drinking.

Isn't the internet a marvellous thing?

As for grappa the best sealant is the old rag your nonno would put in the bottle of his Tuscan mountain brew as well you know.

yarb said...

I prefer screwtops. There's no downside: a wine might get corked, but it won't get screwtopped. Besides, screwtops must be better, because the kiwis all use them, and they make excellent wines. For grappa, I think the fumous rag is right.

ginkers said...

Screwtop for wine, rag for grappa! I like it