Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Potter envy

I never thought it would come to this but blogging elsewhere and wandering around bookshops I have had a strange feeling. It has come over me slowly and I have tried to deny it. But the time may have arrived to come clean - I'm a bit jealous of adults who read Harry Potter.

It's not that I like the books - I read the first and found it completely put-downable. However, I am envious of the excitement they generate. I also turn a bit green at the sheer collectability of the series. It's a bit like Panini football stickers, although obviously not quite.

Having said all of that, there is little or no chance of me trying to recoup my losses and starting out on the whole lot of JK Rowling's works. I already have a book which I almost completed on holiday but have read not one page of since I got back to work. Maybe its this darn blogging that gets in the way...


martinobhoy said...

Potter Schmotter. Start a grappa collection instead, it is far more enjoyable. Mine currently stands at 4 bottles although one is the dreaded Ma Raki which I'd love to pour down the sink but the flat would probably smell of aniseed for weeks.

Dave said...

Potter Schmotter indeed. I respect the excitement the books may generate but, like religious folk, vegetarians and tee-totallers, they're always a bit too smug about the whole thing.
I'm reading Vengeance by George Jonas - the story behind the film Munich - and it's very good.

Life Lines said...

Bet you didn't know that Potter antagonist Voldemort was (and possibly still is - watch out for next series) a Grappa drinker. He could apparently move things with his mind, make animals do his bidding, speak with snakes, cause people pain, and, in his own words "make bad things happen to people who annoy[ed] him". Is this not what happens to those who have partaken of too much Grappa? It is not Potter envy at all that afflicts you, my friend, but possibly the DTs!
I am reading Forgiveness by George Munich - the story behind the film Jonas. God help me!

ginkers said...


You are quite right. The collection grows apace and now stands at five bottles and no Ma Raki in sight.


My thoughts entirely. I will check out the book too, if I ever get the peace to do much reading.


I think you may have a point! Goblet of Fire indeed!