Thursday, October 04, 2007

Is it a crime, to drink white wine?

I have meditated on this for a while, which is highly unusual for me. But recently I have taken to supping white wine mostly as it is my wife's preference. And, I have to say, I have got a taste for it.

However, I always have the feeling there is something a little bit, how can I say, effeminate about drinking vino bianco. Why do I feel that way? It seems manly to order a bottle of Barbera but a bit girly to ask for a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio?

Is there any basis to this in fact? Or am I prejudiced?

When it comes to grappa, of course, I am happy with anything that came from either the red or white wine varietals originally.


martinobhoy said...

Not at all old boy. White wine in the spring & summer and red in the autumn & winter.

I'd say I've drank far more white wine than red over the last few months and I'm as manly as they come.

Right got to go and put on my Judy Garland CD, paint my nails and decide which pair of sparkly shoes I'm wearing this evening.

Life Lines said...

Try pinot grigio rose - could this be a compromise?

ginkers said...


I know you, was it that sparkling tonic wine you were drinking?

Life lines

Pinot Grigio Rose, it sounds like the name of a footballer's first born!

Dave said...

Dear oh dear Ginkers, next you'll be asking for a blue steak.
I can just imagine it, "A couple of seconds each side please waiter. And bring me another Blue Nun."

David said...

I also agree that it is ok to drink white. I do favor whites when the temperature is high however during the winter I will gladly drink whites as aperitivo, usually a prosecco. In Friuli it is custom to have a Bianchino at 10 in the morning, perhaps with a slice of Salami and warm bread.

There are also some dishes with delicate flavors that require a white.

I rarely drink reds without food.

So, my friend, go for the white and enjoy yourself without guilt!

ginkers said...


You may have a point...


I like the sound of that Bianchino...