Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Honey Grappa!

Grappa Honey? Now there's two words I'd like to hear Monica Bellucci whispering in my ear at the end of a meal!

However someone in Italy has came up with a different way of combining them. The above was an unwanted Christmas present for someone at work and being a generous soul and knowing that I partake of a grappa or two every now and then, he decided to pass it over to me.

Grappa Al Miele does sound like a strange combination but as it is only a miniature bottle I have to admit I'm intrigued enough to have a wee taste. Well, what have I got to lose? Although I did notice that the manufacturer is La Benedettina. My Italian isn't that great but is this something to do with Benedictan Monks?

Is this Italy's answer to Buckfast!!??


ginkers said...

This is a bold new expansion for grappa. But what kind of people do you know that find it an "unwanted Christmas present"! Disgraceful.

And as a Coatbridge boy, you should be right at home with the monks' brew...

martinobhoy said...


Spelling!! In Coatbridge we are always referred to as Bhoys. Apparently it is in the town's bye-laws.

Brian said...

did it come in a brown paper bag so you could drink it in public?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled upon this page and thought you might like some more info. Honey grappa is quite common in Uruguay (which I am from) and I believe it also originated there.

It is usually, and I say usually not because I know of other ways but because they probably exist, made by mixing white grappa with bee's honey in a ratio of 6:4 respectively.

This results in a drink of around 25% alcohol which is sweet and very smooth, but retains the sting of grappa.

The liqour you have pictured seems unusually light to me, though admittedly I have no experience with honey grappa from Italy. Below is an image of one I am accustomed to.



p.s. nice site

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