Friday, August 25, 2006

A poser

Fresh from another Thursday night's exploits in the world of grappa, this little question crossed my mind. Which of the following makes for the best night out?

1) Great food but awful service with grappa available.

2) Great service but awful food with grappa available.

3) Good food and good service but no grappa.

Now, I ask the question because it is one which is becoming more and more of an issue for my giovedi sorties. I think I end up going for option one on the basis that I love food and grappa and am willing to put up with shoddy service. On the other hand, why should I? Sometimes I get tired of it. Whatever happened to the customer is always right? I don't know. Maybe I worry too much...


Spangly Princess said...

hmmm tricky. maybe option 1 but politely complain, and the service might improve?

or drink enough grappa that you don't care about the service?

martinobhoy said...

Definitely not 3! That sounds like hell.

Travel Italy said...

Without other options #1 is the best choice. Although it may be possible that if the service is bad you may not make it to the grappa.

Bad food, no grappa. Nightmare waiting to happen.

ginkers said...


The trouble is that part of the problem with the service is that they want us out early AND start taking the grappa glasses off the table!


You are so totally right.


The possibility of a bad meal with no grappa is truly awful. Although it is one I have suffered in countless British hotels over the years. Spaghetti carbonara soup, anyone?

martinobhoy said...

Oh God yeah Ginkers, I had carbonara soup in a bar/restaurant once. Just how do they make it? It's like those jars you see in supermarkets that claim to be "genuine carbonara sauce" - bollox! I just handed it back and said "I'm sorry but this is not spaghetti carbonara."

Ever since then I've went by the rule - Dont order a pasta dish in a bar in the UK or in a restaurant unless it is an Italian restaurant.

You may have noticed but a genuine carbonara is one of my favourite pasta dishes.

Spangly Princess said...

ok well that's just shit

so option 4: nice dinner, good service, home for grappa chez vous after

or option 5: open your own establishment

ginkers said...

Unlikely to open my own place but the home grappa option sounds good. Nobody to grumble if I pour an extra one...