Thursday, September 07, 2006

What was Ginkers thinking?

Ginkers has very kindly / foolishly (delete as appropriate) given me access to write on this blog. Anyhoo I recently visited Domenico's in Leith, Edinburgh and here is my review. Now how far can I push this access to someone else's blog before he bans me....................

Domenico’s, 30 Sandport Street, Edinburgh

Shhhhhhhhhhh, it’s a secret.

Knowing a fantastic secret is one of life’s great dilemmas. On the one hand you want to tell everyone you know but on the other hand you don’t want to tell anyone so that the secret remains unspoiled and special to you. Rather like knowing that Celtic’s Aiden McGeady is one of the best young players in the UK but you don’t want to go on about it in case clubs from the Emperor’s New Clothes Premiership in England start trying to sign him.

Domenico’s in Leith is such a secret and I did have the dilemma on whether I should write a grappa review on it for fear of ruining the secret.

Then I remembered that no-one reads this meandering drivel anyway………..

So like Brokeback Mountain 2 – This Time It’s Cowgirls (starring Jolie, Bellucci, Johansson & Theron), Domenico’s cannot be recommended highly enough by this grappaholic.

You have to look carefully to find it as it is up a side street off Commercial Street but it is well worth the search. Your normal (and better read) restaurant reviews would now start to comment on the friendly yet not over attentive waiters, the cosy and comfortable atmosphere and the excellent food which avoids the standard spaghetti bolognese, penne piccante etc of a lot of Italian UK restaurants.

However as welcome as these things are they can all be of no use if the grappa experience is not up to standard as Ginkers’ previous post alluded to. Again Domenico’s doesn’t disappoint. Perhaps it was the shape of the glass (like a letter D on its side) but the measure did appear to be ample and the glass was filled to almost overflowing. As for the taste, there was just enough kick to give me the “grappa glow” but not enough to leave me unable to pronounce Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink.

But for those of you have stuck with this review until here, the best was yet to come. After we had paid the bill and were getting ready to go, the waiter, like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn, appeared as if by magic at our table.

“Before you go can I offer you another grappa on the house?”

But shhhhhhhh, that is a secret.

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Spangly Princess said...

Grappa good, free grappa even better.