Monday, October 09, 2006

Martino's 9 in a row.

As a Celtic fan the phrase “9 in a row” has only ever meant one thing to me. Between 1966 and 1974 Jock Stein guided Celtic to, a then world record, nine consecutive league titles. Oh and he also made them European champions as well.

Anyhoo after Saturday night I set my own personal grappa 9 in a row. For nine consecutive nights I drank at least one grappa. I have to say it wasn’t intentional and I never set out to get nine but sometimes these things just happen.

Fri 29th Sept – Was out at my brother’s and my sister-in-law had cooked Italian which was washed down with a few red wines. A grappa was the natural end to the night.

Sat 30th Sept – Knew I was flying out to Italy very early next morning so had to leave Edinburgh at 3:30am to go to Prestwick. Had a wee grappa to help me get to sleep at 8 o’clock.

Sun 1st to Tue 3rd Oct – Visited Firenze, Lucca and Pisa. With large measures at 3 Euros it would have been foolish not to have had a grappa in each city.

Wed 4th Oct – Quick stop back in Edinburgh and a visit to Domenico’s. Another grappa to end the meal.

Thu 5th Oct – Visit to Ginkers in Dumfries. As is always the case a grappa in the restaurant then at least one more back at Ginkers’ house.

Fri 6th Oct – A visit to Yorkshire for my nephew’s 6th birthday. Fortunately the young lad has taste (takes after his Zio Martino) and wanted to go to an Italian for his birthday dinner. He’s a bit young for grappa but that didn’t stop me.

Sat 7th Oct - My brother, Brian, very kindly gives me the last of his grappa as a nightcap to ensure I make 9 in a row.


a.c.t said...

Ah so that's what you've been up to. 3 Euros, very reasonable indeed! You visited amongst 3 of the finest Tuscan towns but what about Siena?

martinobhoy said...


I was a bit pushed for time and with the flight landing at Pisa then Firenze, Lucca, Pisa was a nice wee loop to bring me back to the airport.

But Siena is definitely high up on the places to visit. Maybe next year.

ginkers said...

Having witnessed a part of this great record I can only say what an honour it was to see the man in action. One of the great grappa men of all time!

martinobhoy said...

What can I say. I had the best training possible in my formative years.

Brian said...

proud to be there when you made it 9 in a row. One day I hope to be saying that about the Bhoys again, and it will probably be about the time when you are giving me the last of your grappa ......