Friday, October 06, 2006

The streak continues...

Last night was time for a reunion of the two sorry contributors to this blog (Martino and Ginkers). Of course, a little grappa was consumed both in restaurant and back at home. Over the course of the evening it emerged that Martino is on something of a "gold run" for grappa at the moment.

I think his "hitting streak" currently stands at seven. Yes, for seven nights on the trot he has ended a meal with a grappa. He is just back from a Toscana trip and has been on holiday, hence the quality of his performance. I am reliably informed he will be eating Italian tonight as well so the chances he will make it eight out of eight are just about 100%.

I can't actually think what my own PB on this front is. It must have been during an Italian holiday some time but I think usually after four or five I have to take a breather. Can anyone else challenge the great Irish guzzler?

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Spangly Princess said...

hehe blimey I try to take a bit more care of my liver/waistline/wallet than that. plus after a couple of heavy nights I usually want a quiet night in in my pyjamas with a cup of earl grey. hehe.

on the other hand if it's some kind of CHALLENGE you're issuing I'm happy to gird my loins, or possibly my liver, and give it a bash.

incidentally, the local chinese here does what they describe as 'grappa di rose' which is particularly drinkable. so even when not eating italian you can partake...