Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another year, another bucket of grappa

With my birthday looming (Friday) what better way to celebrate than with a four-day long excuse for grappa consumption? My agenda has a hectic look to it over the next few days.

Thursday - The boys of the Giovedi Club are gathering for their Christmas do (among them that fine blogger Martino). A total of 14 (possibly 15) of the biggest scemi in Scotland will join together for wine, food and talk of a nonsensical variety. The venue this year is a tapas bar as our favourite local Italian has switched to its Christmas menu. There are only so many times you can eat turkey.

Friday - My actual birthday. Coincides, as it often does, with the Champions League draw AND a staff night out. This time around we will try a local Jazz Club which also does food. Given that I HATE jazz the omens are not good. Numbers, as always, have dwindled as people call off for a variety of reasons. Does nobody like Christmas parties any more?

Saturday - Queen of the South v Airdrie United, Fiorentina v Milan and, finally, a big fat Indian. Grappa opportunities nil (until I get home) but the chance to nibble a naan. Taking my wife out again. Twice in a year!

Sunday - The family gathering. Mum putting on a lunch for her kids and grandchildren. That should make a total of ten of us round the table for a bit of antipasto and the like. Then it will be off to a darkened room to recover.


martinobhoy said...

Tapas bars and jazz clubs??????

Just what has happened to Dumfries since I left it 7 years ago?

Brian said...

I would say that the average IQ has gone up by 50 odd points! Boom boom

Happy Birthday Ginx, hope you enjoy it, shame about the company.....

ginkers said...


Cheers. And you're right about the company but it would not be the Giovedi club Christmas party without him!


They shut down all the dark Irish drinking dens not long after you departed...

martinobhoy said...


Another quality Giovedi Club meeting. Looking forward to the next one already.

Have a great birthday.


ginkers said...

It was a good one indeed, Martino, despite a tapas bar being the venue. The grappa flowed free, rubbish was talked, Chelsea fans were insulted and a good time was had by all!

Spangly Princess said...

happy birthday!

my thoughts turned grappa-diary wards this weekend after someone gave us a bottle of a rather nice Grappa di Moscato. The girl who brought it round insisted on having one as an aperitivo, which I thought was a bit odd. (though not as odd as her... she later stormed out after a huge row about Berlusconi...)

Anyway the Grappa itself was really good, quite soft and smooth. Which might be why we sat up til 5am and demolished the bottle entirely, assisted by some 3am pancake scoffing. hehe.