Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Match report

How was my four day birthday drink-fest I hear you ask? Didn't I? Well, I have just about surfaced in time to tell the tales.

Thursday - A grand grappa-drinking session with 14 fellow fools. The tapas was a treat and the steaks cooked to perfection. Afterwards the bottle came round the table with pleasant regularity although I did have my suspicions as to the lack of bite to the grappa. Still, a wonderful evening and some excellent conversation.

Friday - Running at a slightly lower peep due to previous night's efforts still managed to partake of a crab/prawn starter and pork fillet in mushroom sauce main course at aforementioned jazz club. The only jazz was on a large screen next to us but, thankfully, drowned out by our conversation. Grappa points nil, unfortunately, but still a good night although the place lacked a bit of atmosphere.

Saturday - Indian time with my wife. Much more relaxed affair. Pakora/samosa combo to start followed by Balti chicken and king prawn dopiaza. Top notch but no grappa once again.

Sunday - As always an outstanding meal round at my mum and dad's. Once more nobly fired into the red wine and coffees before collapsing in bed for about an hour in order to recover. Luckily, off work for a week in order to prepare for festive binges to come.


martinobhoy said...

4 nights drinking (and 3 without grappa!?) and you need a week off to recover?

I think we can safely say you have no Irish blood in you.

Have a great Christmas pal.

Spangly Princess said...

*shakes head sadly* a distressingly grappa-free time there, ginkers.

I've been introducing some unsuspecting italians into the joys of the hot toddy (a kind visitor brought me some Jameson's)

but I shall be investigating the grappa specialist round the corner before xmas and treating myself.

happy christmas!

david said...

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo. I will be drinking Grappa!

ginkers said...


Indeed, my drinking skills are sorely short of the required standard.


I know, my grappa exploits seem to be fading badly.


I too will be drinking grappa over the festive, if only to keep these diaries worthy of their name!