Friday, November 16, 2007

A brighter beat

A Thursday night out always has the power to make you feel more positive about the world. Good company, good food and bad alcohol make for a powerful mix. It was a Chinese edition this time with a huge platter of starters. Honestly, they would have been enough on their own.

As I remember there was squid, king prawn, satay chicken skewers, duck and pancakes, chicken wings and mussels. And maybe a few other things I have forgotten.

Our main course (did we really need it) was duck in a plum sauce, chicken with garlic and chilli, some kind of king prawn, fillet steak, and at least three other dishes I cannot even recall. Of course, there was no grappa moment - I was going to compare it to something rather filthy there but I think I shall refrain.

Still, a good night and a few brandies to finish things off. Of course, today at work was a "slow day" but, what the hell, I am used to it by now. Early to bed tonight old boy, early to bed tonight.


martinobhoy said...

Only four more Thursdays to go before I head down to join you for the Christmas Giovedi!

ginkers said...

I have the technology in place!

sognatrice said...

OK I know the point here is grappa (or the lack of it), but you're *really* making me miss Chinese food right now.

ginkers said...

We like to cover a range of topics, including good food. After all, you need to have something to eat before getting round to the grappa!

sognatrice said...

Well here's some good food *and* grappa:

Cranberry/grappa jelly

ginkers said...

Thanks for that, although I'm a bit scared at the thought of putting grappa near the flame on my oven hob!