Thursday, November 22, 2007

If I knew you were coming, I would bake a cake

I've never really thought much of baking. It seemed too much like science and not enough fun. Cooking, I love. But baking? No thank you.

However, thanks to a suggestion on this blog my inventive juices started to flow. Maybe there is a place for baking in my repertoire after all. Imagine my interest at stumbling across this recipe for, yes you read it right, strawberry, grappa and mascarpone fairy cakes.,,2112324,00.html

Now, my old Nonno is probably pulling his baffi out from beyond the grave at the very thought. Bad enough to put fruit near grappa (A woman's drink, he might have said). But to add in mascarpone? And to call it a fairy cake?

You know what though, I might try to bake some. If I do, be sure you will see the results of my labour here. Remember not to feed them to the kids.


martinobhoy said...

I agree, mixing grappa with cakes just doesn't sound right.

nicodemus said...

send for a copy of the grappa handbook on
(use the professional form and write in you blog name)

ginkers said...


It sounds downright dangerous. Imagine you stuck candles on it for your birthday!


Consider it done!